Wendy Williamson

Do we really need money? The answer is no. We need land, shelter, food, and water, but not money. Money doesn’t exist to any other species, only to civilized human beings, allowing us to “own” things and enjoy services in society. We have used money for thousands of years to drive power and progress, from automobiles to airplanes to telephones to radio to picture-perfect video to communicating in a split second half-way around the world. Through more than a million individual inventions, our collective humanity has evolved. Beyond our wildest dreams, it was all made possible with money.

The more we hope to enjoy what society has to offer, the more money is important to our life plan and purpose. What fascinates me is the psychology behind money. We think we’re holding something solid or liquid but it’s all relative. If someone sees a painting and is willing to pay a hundred million dollars for it, then it’s worth just that. If someone wants a glass of water and is willing to pay a hundred million dollars per gallon, then water just skyrocketed in value. On the other hand, if someone refuses to accept a million dollars for a loaf of bread and a glass of water, then those dollars are worthless. Think it’s impossible? Look at what recently happened in Venezuela; a great empire collapsed because their government mismanaged the money. 

My name is Wendy Williamson. I am a college graduate with an advanced degree, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, former karate instructor, international educator, dedicated writer, published author, life-long learner, world traveler, and loving mom. I’m not an economist or an expert stock trader. I didn’t go to business school, and I’ve never made a lot of money. I don’t know how most things work in my life (phone, television, faucet, computer, toilet, shower, refrigerator, stove, lawnmower, and so on), but I know I’d be helplessly lost without shoe laces. The real reason I created this blog was because I’m deeply intrigued by the spiritual nature of money. It is both good and evil, coveted and despised, and transient. It’s something we all want but are afraid to understand.

It’s easy to take money for granted. Our government prints it freely, accumulating ever-growing debt. We give some to charity, we use some to live, and we invest the rest. Many of us have fallen into a trap of using our money to make more money without thinking about how this impacts and drives the world. Our goal in the stock market is to benefit from growing companies regardless of the values that they espouse. This is passive, mindless, and will come back to bite us. Your money matters, and I dare you to act like it does. Take a spiritual perspective on wealth. Use it to steer the world to a place that you would want to live and you would want future generations to grow up. Design every aspect of your monetary life with purpose. 

Thank you for visiting this blog. My other writing includes Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart (available in English and Italian), Study Abroad 101, two Christ-centered martial arts books (now out of print), and several articles published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Currently, I’m working on a memoir about a period of my life in Tuscany that changed me forever as a woman and human being. I don’t post often, so if you want to receive notifications of new posts via email, please subscribe. I won’t share or use your email for any other purpose. I hope that my writing inspires you. God bless.

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